Digital is Growing – Take Advantage!

This is the perfect season to develop strategies for 2023 with current clients and new prospects! In 2022, digital ad spend grew by 17.8%, and across industries, the total could reach $248.81 billion. The biggest growth came from retail categories, the fastest growth came from travel, and the largest spending was seen in the retail [...]

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Blend in to Stand Out with Native Advertising

By: Will Bolles Let’s start with the basics: a native ad is an ad unit that is aligned with the look and feel of the webpage it’s served alongside. This positioning gives the ad a sense of belonging in the surrounding content and thus creates a less disruptive advertising experience, which in turn helps to [...]

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The Gift of Partnership

The Gift of Partnership At Basis Technologies, we’re always adding to our rolodex of partnerships that empower our users to do more. Here are two examples that are especially relevant during the holiday shopping season: Audience Insights Through TransUnion Audience Platform What advertiser wouldn’t want to learn more about their web audience? With [...]

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Holidays in July

By: Carson Bodnarek Happy (early) Holidays from your account leads at Basis! For many sellers, the end of summer marks the opportunity to begin having holiday marketing conversations aimed at driving that all-important Q4 revenue. Before we get into 2022 recommendations, let’s take a look at some of the trends we saw in 2020 and [...]

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Leveling Up Your Pitch: Decoding the Tech

By Alyssa Hamm   Programmatic technology is confusing! DSPs have so many amazing features, but most of them are extremely technical and used only by the media buyer. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to speak fluently about those technical aspects of the DSP, and use that skill to amp up your sales pitch? [...]

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Selling Cannabis with Basis DSP

By: Will Bolles It’s April: a month where everyone can find something to celebrate. The list of events to look forward to includes the conclusion of NCAA basketball tournaments, MLB’s opening day, the Masters, Easter, what should be the end of winter in Chicago, Phish’s triumphant return to Madison Square Garden, and of course, 4/20. [...]

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Basis + TransUnion Audience Platform

TransUnion Audience Platform (TAP) is an audience insights and segmentation platform that enables the use of TransUnion’s people-based consumer data for marketing purposes. With TAP, marketers can create unique audiences that improve ROI and gain valuable data-driven insights that help inform digital marketing strategy. Now you can include it your Basis campaigns - reach out [...]

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Telling a Story with Reporting

By: Carson Bodnarek Most salespeople know the famous Alec Baldwin movie quote “Always Be Closing.” For many of us sellers, that means we’re never truly finished selling, even after the deal has been signed. Once the deal has closed and the campaign has started to run, a new source of anxiety emerges—it’s now time to [...]

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