Basis + TransUnion Audience Platform

TransUnion Audience Platform (TAP) is an audience insights and segmentation platform that enables the use of TransUnion’s people-based consumer data for marketing purposes. With TAP, marketers can create unique audiences that improve ROI and gain valuable data-driven insights that help inform digital marketing strategy. Now you can include it your Basis campaigns - reach out [...]


Telling a Story with Reporting

By: Carson Bodnarek Most salespeople know the famous Alec Baldwin movie quote “Always Be Closing.” For many of us sellers, that means we’re never truly finished selling, even after the deal has been signed. Once the deal has closed and the campaign has started to run, a new source of anxiety emerges—it’s now time to [...]


Partner Profile: Griffin Communications

After launching in 2016 as a managed service partner, Griffin Communications quickly realized they could make the transition to self-serve. Check out the one sheet below to learn how Griffin Communications has become a powerhouse in the Oklahoma digital media community. Click Here for the Griffin Communications Partner Profile