Use this deck to challenge your team to think differently about how they present data and reporting. Also, help to implement best practices for future client meetings.

This one sheet can be used as a takeaway and a reminder to ensure your reporting is effective, efficient, and clear for the advertiser.


Pull together your campaign reports with the resources below.

Feeling overwhelmed in “digispeak”? Check out our digital media glossary to demystify digital terms and 3-letter acronyms that are commonplace in the digital space.

Here you will find reporting guides that help to highlight a specific client goal: awareness, site traffic, and on-site user action.

Visual data can help with telling the advertiser the story of the campaign.

Use these resources to create screen shots of your advertiser’s campaign.

Download sample site lists for desktop and mobile Basis DSP campaigns.

Check out our webinar on Google Analytics and how it differs from DSP campaign reporting.