Publisher Solutions Seller Resources Review

There is nothing we love more than helping you to stand out against the competition and look good (and knowledgeable!) in front of your advertisers. Part of being our partner means you have access to a wide variety of resources to make you more dangerous when selling digital. Check out an outline of some of [...]

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Basis Capabilities Review

By: Alyssa Hamm These days, anyone can offer digital products. However, it’s important to remember how audience extension through a DSP can set you apart. As always, everything starts with a good sales process and a solid needs assessment with the advertiser. (For tips on how to set yourself apart and not get cancelled during [...]

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Rev Up Revenue: Make Yourself Hard to Cancel

Did you miss our webinar on September 21? Have no fear, you can catch up here! This webinar is meant for sellers and discusses the ways they can set themselves apart throughout the entire sales process. Rev Up Revenue Q3, 2021 Webinar Slides Sign Up for Q4’s Rev Up Revenue   We would love to [...]

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Make Yourself Hard to Cancel: The Report

By: Jaimie Hefelfinger I am still buzzing from the excitement of this year’s Olympic Games. Summer and Winter alike—if the Olympics are on, I am watching them. Every year, I notice the same trend in my observations. When the Olympics first start, I am in awe of the athletes (“Can you believe that someone can [...]

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Make Yourself Hard to Cancel: The Pitch

By: Alyssa Hamm Moving from The Discovery Process to The Pitch, we are working our way through the sales cycle in our Make Yourself Hard to Cancel series. Once you have set yourself apart in the initial sales process by providing value, learning about the client and establishing a goal, it is time to present [...]

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Publisher Solutions Panel: What could a local seller do to differentiate themselves from the competition?

Jaimie Hefelfinger: Call me crazy, but I prefer selling commodities. This is where true partnerships and salesmanship come into play rather than just selling shiny objects. To set yourself apart in this environment, I would focus on the advertiser rather than yourself/your products. I would bring industry research and case studies relevant to their business. [...]

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Make Yourself Hard to Cancel: The Discovery Process

By: Alyssa Hamm When you are calling on new business or meeting with a new advertiser for the first time, there are two things that can really help you set yourself apart from the local competition: establish yourself as knowledgeable about the industry, and let go of your self-interests and learn about the advertiser. Establishing [...]

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