Even More Ways to Win Political Dollars in 2024!

I hope you’ve finally gotten through your last couple pieces of Halloween candy that nobody else in your house wanted (those Smarties, Dum Dums, and Candy Corn) and are inching (crawling?) closer and closer to Thanksgiving. With 7 weeks left in the year and a few major holidays (and holiday breaks) in front of us, [...]

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Trick or Treat Yo’ Self to Some Research

The best part about Halloween, in my opinion, is not the costumes or spooky decorations, the best part is the candy. As an adult, I have learned, nothing is better on Halloween night than your kids asleep and going through their treat bag . You can have Snickers, Reese’s, Twix, pretzels, or my favorite, [...]

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Last Push for Q4 Dollars

We are staring down the end of 2023, but the year is not over yet and there are still budgets to be found. Below are some “quick hit” ideas to secure some last-minute revenue. Need Something Splashy? Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) - One-Sheet TransUnion Audience Platform (TAP) One Sheet CRM Onboarding with LiveRamp One Sheet [...]

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2023 Holiday Trends and Insights

I was recently in my nearby home improvement store (name redacted…no free ads) and came across a full range of holiday decorations set up, serving as a point-blank reminder that Q4 is right around the corner. Every Q4, Basis highlights holiday trends and key takeaways, and this week's edition of our newsletter covers some of [...]

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Entertainment Trends & Virtual Summit

Our Partner Solutions team will be hosting a Virtual Strategy Summit on 8/22 and will be covering entertainment!  During the summit we will host a panel so you can hear from partners like you on what it takes to win in the entertainment space and cover industry trends that could mean big revenue opportunities [...]

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Keep On Rockin’ In The (Cookie) Free World

Remember back at the beginning of 2020 when the entire digital advertising landscape was rocked with the news that Google was set to phase out third-party cookies in the Chrome browser? It does seem like forever ago, but after much pushback, Google announced that this would be delayed to sometime in late 2023 or early [...]

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Location-Based Cookieless Targeting

With Summer now in full swing, let’s talk about a topic that hasn’t shown signs of cooling off anytime soon. How can advertisers effectively advertise to consumers and be privacy-friendly? While 86% of consumers say they have a growing concern about data privacy, 90% of consumers say they enjoy receiving personalized offers, and 56% [...]

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