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Entertainment Trends & Virtual Summit

Our Partner Solutions team will be hosting a Virtual Strategy Summit on 8/22 and will be covering entertainment!  During the summit we will host a panel so you can hear from partners like you on what it takes to win in the entertainment space and cover industry trends that could mean big revenue opportunities [...]

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Keep On Rockin’ In The (Cookie) Free World

Remember back at the beginning of 2020 when the entire digital advertising landscape was rocked with the news that Google was set to phase out third-party cookies in the Chrome browser? It does seem like forever ago, but after much pushback, Google announced that this would be delayed to sometime in late 2023 or early [...]

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Location-Based Cookieless Targeting

With Summer now in full swing, let’s talk about a topic that hasn’t shown signs of cooling off anytime soon. How can advertisers effectively advertise to consumers and be privacy-friendly? While 86% of consumers say they have a growing concern about data privacy, 90% of consumers say they enjoy receiving personalized offers, and 56% [...]

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Digital Out of Home (DOOH)

With Q2 around the corner we are excited about an upcoming feature in Basis: Digital-Out-Of-Home (DOOH). We want to get you and your sales teams prepped and ready for the release so below you will find a video walking you through DOOH as well as a link to the deck and a DOOH one sheet. [...]

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Digital is Growing – Take Advantage!

This is the perfect season to develop strategies for 2023 with current clients and new prospects! In 2022, digital ad spend grew by 17.8%, and across industries, the total could reach $248.81 billion. The biggest growth came from retail categories, the fastest growth came from travel, and the largest spending was seen in the retail [...]

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Blend in to Stand Out with Native Advertising

By: Will Bolles Let’s start with the basics: a native ad is an ad unit that is aligned with the look and feel of the webpage it’s served alongside. This positioning gives the ad a sense of belonging in the surrounding content and thus creates a less disruptive advertising experience, which in turn helps to [...]

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The Gift of Partnership

The Gift of Partnership At Basis Technologies, we’re always adding to our rolodex of partnerships that empower our users to do more. Here are two examples that are especially relevant during the holiday shopping season: Audience Insights Through TransUnion Audience Platform What advertiser wouldn’t want to learn more about their web audience? With [...]

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