Have you been struggling to get your share of auto revenue in your market? Are you trying to reignite conversations with an auto prospect? We have you covered in this week’s Basis email! Recently published on the Basis blog, we discuss how automotive marketers can capitalize on pent up demand. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Brand Loyalty – It’s easy to get carried away with bottom funnel strategies but research suggests branding will be critical as the auto industry rebounds from supply chain issues.
  • Key demos and criteria of car buying is shifting; hello, Millennial and Gen Z shoppers!
  • The rise and demand for electric vehicles as the majority of in-market consumers have indicated they are willing to consider fully electric or hybrid cars!
  • Rising opportunities to leveraging dealer 1PD! With third-party cookies on their way out, marketers will need to set up new systems for gathering information about their customers and meeting them in their moment.
  • With close to 30% of consumers open to purchasing their next car via an entirely digital process, find out how has this changed your dealers’ marketing and sales efforts.

If you’re walking in to a presentation, don’t forget these key strategies to take your next pitch from 0 to 60!

  • Back it with data – auto dealers are about the numbers! Be sure your strategy is supported with data and you’ll be much more convincing to your prospect!
  • Confirm and define! Of course vehicle sales are a must, but how have they determined success on past campaigns? What does success look like in the digital space?
  • Avoid digital jargon, and bring it back to their goals and objectives! CTR, eCPM, and KPI all get prospect’s eyes to roll back. Keep it conversational and informative!
  • Encourage data sharing! The more intel they can provide the more robust your strategy will be at tackling their business goals!

Need more to win auto revenue in your market? Check out the following Vertical Resource Deck on the Basis Activation Center which includes some research, tips for prospecting, pitching, and tactics to include in your automotive strategies!

As always, don’t hesitate to reach out with questions!