With the official start of Summer only about a week away, I’m sure you are starting to think about the holiday season… ok, I’m not either, but thankfully, our research team is thinking ahead! With stores seemingly bringing out holiday products earlier and earlier, it is never too early to think about the winter holidays so we are excited to announce the release of our 2024 Holiday Trends Deck! The project analyzed 2023 holiday celebration and shopping behaviors and also looks to the future for the 2024 holiday season.

The 2024 Holiday Trends Deck.pptx is powered solely by data captured through our research panel, ImpactIQ, in partnership with GWI, ensuring the most accurate and relevant insights.

Based on our research team’s analysis, here are the key findings and trends for 2024:

  • Holiday Participation and Inclusivity:
    • There should be an emphasis on maintaining a broad, inclusive approach to holiday marketing, recognizing diverse holidays to enhance brand connection.
  • Cultural Traditions and Family Gatherings:
    • Campaigns should resonate with family-oriented and culturally rich narratives.
  • Gift-Giving Trends:
    • Brands should highlight diverse, family-oriented, and relationship-based gift-giving traditions in marketing strategies.
  • Spending Habits and Economic Factors:
    • Shoppers plan to maintain or slightly increase spending, with a focus on budget adherence and financial planning.
    • Brands should emphasize value, promotions, loyalty programs, and budget-friendly options in marketing.
  • Shopping Preferences and Behaviors:
    • Shoppers plan to start early to avoid delays and secure deals, with a significant shift towards online and omnichannel shopping. Many shoppers even plan to begin their shopping prior to September!
    • Your advertisers need to be where shoppers are, ONLINE! 72% will make purchases on their laptop/computer, 40% thru an App, and 34% via mobile browser!
    • Black Friday and Cyber Monday are losing importance as deals continue to become available throughout the season.
    • Brands and retailers will need to launch holiday campaigns early, maintain consistent promotions, and cater to both online and in-person preferences.
  • Technology-Driven Shopping Factors:
    • There will be an increasing reliance on technology and AI, with shoppers seeking unique gift suggestions and organizational tools.
    • Brands and retailers should plan to integrate AI, personalized recommendations, and optimize social media shopping experiences in their strategies.
  • Ethical Shopping Considerations:
    • Again, we will see ethical factors influence spending, with a preference for supporting local businesses, sustainability, and brands with strong values.

We hope these insights will be helpful in guiding your pitches and plans for the upcoming holiday season!