Whether catching up on the week’s events while commuting to work or uncovering a murder mystery while chilling poolside, podcasts are a huge part of daily lives and represent a major opportunity for you and your clients. But how large of an opportunity? Users are expected to spend 56 minutes with podcasts daily, with 140.9 Million of the total U.S. population expected to listen to podcasts in 2025.

In addition:

  • 74% of podcast listeners report visiting a company or product’s website after hearing an ad.
  • An estimated 79% of Gen Z and 80% of millennials say they listen to a podcast at least once per week.
  • In 2023, US podcast ad spending was forecasted to surpass $2 billion and account for more than 1/4 of digital audio ad spending.
  • 2024 Audio Media Trends.pdf

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Interested in learning more? Check out Basis’ Digital Audio Advertising Guide and BasisAudio+ – One-Sheet – Podcasts.pdf! Also, go to the Digital Audio Product section in the Basis Activation Center if you need some resources for your conversations with advertisers!

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