As you know, and have heard from us, 2024 is a political year. This year is poised to be a gigantic year in political advertising, with spend projected to be 30% higher than 2020. While we know political dollars are out there for you to win (and we are happy to help you do so!), we know non-political advertisers make up most of your total book of business. Check out our latest blog post (written by our own Candidates & Causes team) to learn how marketers can effectively adapt their campaign strategies to navigate the challenges posed by political advertising. Couple of the key considerations below:

  • Timing – Over 50% of political ad spend will occur the 30 days leading up to the election with a peak (roughly 25%) in the final 10 days! Advertisers and buyers should anticipate increased competition for inventory leading to increased CPMs and scarcity of inventory.
  • Location – Campaigns with targeting in swing states/counties will feel increased impression competition more than areas that are reliably red or blue.
  • Channel – Political advertisers love video. Whether across CTV (45% of all digital political ad spend) or linear TV, traditional advertisers should expect a crowded video landscape and should be open to broader forms of video inventory.
  • Brand Safety – Negative political content and political misinformation will be prevalent during this cycle. Advertisers can avoid this content by avoiding certain social platforms and employing allowlists and blocklists, contextual targets, and premium placements.
  • Creative – Consumers become fatigued by negative political messaging during election season, so stand out by keeping messaging light and upbeat.