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Looking to Partner with Basis?

Interested in learning more about how Basis can bring ease and efficiency to your audience extension solution? Our experts are here to help. Discover what’s possible with our unique blend of people and technology. Book a meeting today! Here’s what we’ll cover: Current strategies and pain points Program goals and expectations Basis’ capabilities, project [...]


On Demand Trainings

Digital Essentials Trainings Digital Certifications – Take your knowledge on the digital space to the next level with these on demand trainings featuring sessions such as programmatic, data, search, social, and more! Basis Platform Buyer Training AdTech Academy - Go through onboarding modules that have been carefully curated and developed [...]


Basis Publisher Partner Successes

We are excited to share the stories of successful media companies that work with Basis!   Increase Your Subscriptions The managed services team at Basis helps media companies drive subscriptions and we are excited to help you too! Subscription Campaign Success Story   Partner Profiles Griffin Communications Partner Profile Baltimore Sun Partner Profile Pikewood Digital [...]


Designing Your Digital Program with Basis

Design your digital agency with the one sheets below! Design Your Program - Create your digital agency name and determine service levels that work for your both your business and your advertisers. Buying Digital Media Updated - Determine your cost structure for purchasing digital media. Digital Team Roles - Identify members of your team to [...]


Basis Onboarding Guides

Basis DSP Onboarding Guides These guides will walk you through the first 30 days of the Basis DSP partnership. Starting with the introduction call, our goal is to learn your business and make Basis DSP an integral and effective part of your digital business. Onboarding Guide - Managed Onboarding Guide  - Self Serve