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Basis DSP 101 Webinar

Deck & One Sheets One Sheet Basis DSP Webinar Deck Basis DSP 101 (November 2022) Sign Up for Future 101 Webinars Q1: Thursday, February 9th, 1pm CST Q2: Thursday, May 11th, 1pm CST Q3: Thursday, August 10th, 1pm CST Q4: Thursday, October 26th, 1pm CST Webinar Recording [...]


DSP Tactic: Audience Targeting

Learn more about the Audience Targeting tactic with the one sheet and webinar (recording & deck) below: Audience One Sheet Mobile Location Retargeting One Sheet Audience Targeting Webinar Deck (2021 Update)


DSP Tactic: Cannabis

Learn more about the Cannabis tactic with the one sheet and webinar (recording & deck) below: Cannabis Media Plan & Selling Guide Cannabis Advertising Packet Basis Cannabis Guide Cannabis Webinar Deck (Updated 2021)


DSP Tactic: Digital Audio

Learn more about digital audio with the one sheets and webinar (recording & deck) below: Audio One Sheet Basis Audio Guide 2022 Audio PMP Guide Audio Webinar Deck (Updated 2021)


DSP Tactic: Digital Video Featuring Connected TV

Learn more about digital video, featuring connected TV, with the one sheets, guides, and webinar (recording & deck) below: Digital Video One Sheet Connected TV One Sheet Connected TV Private Marketplace Guide Digital Video Guide 2021 (Basis Branded) Connected TV Guide 2021 (Basis Branded)  Video Audience Extension Webinar Deck (Updated 2021)


DSP Tactic: Hyperlocal Mobile

Learn more about the hyperlocal mobile targeting tactic with the one sheet and webinars (recordings & decks) below: Hyperlocal Mobile One Sheet Hyperlocal Mobile Webinar Deck (Updated 2021)


DSP Tactic: Private Marketplaces (PMPs)

Learn more about the private marketplaces (PMPs) with the one sheet and webinar (recording & deck) below: Private Marketplace (PMP) One Sheet Connected TV PMP Guide Audio PMP Guide Private Marketplace (PMP) Webinar Deck (Update 2021)


DSP Feature: Viewability

Learn more about viewability with the one sheet and webinar (recording & deck) below: Click Here for the Viewability One Sheet Click Here for the Viewability Webinar Deck (Air Date: 8.20.19)