There is nothing we love more than helping you to stand out against the competition and look good (and knowledgeable!) in front of your advertisers. Part of being our partner means you have access to a wide variety of resources to make you more dangerous when selling digital. Check out an outline of some of our resources below:

Research: Tap into the Basis Research team and utilize our subscriptions to media research tools like Kantar, Moat, Comscore, and more. We offer vertical or industry research by request to help justify media plans and spend. This research can include competitive intel, audience profiles, and budget allocation. Reach out to your Account Lead to initiate the process.

Resource Library: This one-stop-shop for education offers comprehensive, seller-focused resources centered on selling programmatic solutions through Basis DSP. The library includes:

  • Vertical-focused webinars and sales sheets
  • Tactic overviews including white-labeled one sheets
  • Reporting best practices and an easy-to-use programmatic reports graph builder
  • Business development webinars on each stage of the sales process

Newsletter: This monthly tool is sent to your inbox to keep you up to date on industry and vertical topics and includes knowledge sharing through panels and success stories. Sign up here

Rev Up Revenue: Our quarterly webinar series focuses on the digital industry, DSP features and tactics, and common sales topics to help drive digital revenue (and bigger commission checks!) Sign up here.

Basis Certified: Our Essentials Series allows a seller to learn the necessary curriculum on digital media, search, social, programmatic, data, and direct buying. Discover the Essentials Series here.

The Publisher Solutions Team wants to work directly with you and your team as well! Below is a list of opportunities you can have when you partner with Basis:

  • Custom Training – In-person or webinar training series focused on product or sales strategy
  • Sales Support – Account planning, Q&A Sessions, and 4-Legged Calls
  • Media Support – Media Planning, Objections and KPI/Goals

Reach out to your Account Lead to schedule and discuss custom opportunities. We can’t wait to work with you and your teams!