LATEST FROM THE Business Development Webinars TOPIC

These webinars are available “on-demand” and focus on different stages of the sales process as well as the products, tactics, and features you are able to sell.

Basis DSP 101 Webinar

Deck & One Sheets One Sheet Basis DSP Webinar Deck Basis DSP 101 (February 2023) Sign Up for Future 101 Webinars Q2: Thursday, May 11th, 1pm CST Q3: Thursday, August 10th, 1pm CST Q4: Thursday, October 26th, 1pm CST Webinar Recording


Prospecting & Pitching Digital Media

Below are some one sheets and webinars that can help with prospecting new clients and pitching digital media: Webinar & One Sheet on Crafting Your Elevator Pitch Webinar & One Sheet on Conducting a Needs Assessment Meeting Prospecting Webinar Deck (March 17, 2020)


Performance Driven Campaigns

Below is a one sheet and webinar (recording & deck) on budget based campaigns and how they can set your advertisers up for success: Performance Driven Campaigns One Sheet Performance Driven Campaigns Webinar Deck (8.11.20) Blog: Performance Driven Campaigns


Creating & Presenting Your Media Plan

Below is a webinar (recording & deck) and a link to media planning resources that can help with building an advertiser's campaign: Media Planning Resources Information on DSP Tactics & Features Video Demo on Presenting Your Media Plan Media Planning Webinar Deck (4.17.18)


Creative Best Practices

This webinar discusses how your advertiser's creative assets can impact the performance of their campaign and best practices to ensure success. Creative Best Practices One Sheet Creative Best Practices Deck