At the end of February, we discussed the importance of setting a KPI with the advertiser. We know that the KPI is important for reporting, renewal conversations, and benchmarking. Most importantly, it will determine campaign optimizations including how the campaign budget is allocated across the tactics on your media plan. Let’s look at an example:

Spring Campaign

  • KPI: CTR, 0.10% or higher

  • Tactics: Contextual Targeting, Audience Targeting, CRM Upload and Retargeting

When sold with flexibility in mind, the seller can let their advertiser know that they use the DSP (or technology) to allocate the advertiser’s dollars based on how each targeting method is performing. In Basis, the feature used to do this is Group Budget Optimization (GBO). GBO allows a buyer to input the goal KPI (which your seller has expertly secured) and the DSP will prioritize the budget to the targeting methods delivering the 0.10% goal (or higher) while removing budget from the targeting methods that are not hitting the .10% goal. As media experts, we can find many ways to reach an advertiser’s audience, but until we have strong data on how the campaign is performing, it is impossible to know which method will perform best. When you sell flexibility of budget across targeting, you set your advertiser up for success as we let the data tell us what is performing in real time as opposed to relying on our initial targeting biases.

So based on all of this, what do your sellers need to do?

  • Establish the KPI

  • Discuss budget flexibility and how it can drive performance

  • Educate on the benefits of buying and reporting in real time on performance

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