With 2024 already flying by, this week’s edition of our biweekly update is taking a step back and re-examining one of the most crucial elements of running a programmatic campaign for all involved: Identifying a Key Performance Indicator (KPI). This has a big-time effect on both the media planner as well as the seller, as neither can effectively do their job without having a confirmed KPI before the launch of the campaign. First things first, what is a KPI? A KPI measures the goal of a campaign using quantifiable data over a set time. For example, in the DSP we may measure a campaign goal of efficient site traffic with eCPC (cost per click).

Why should we identify the KPI prior to launch? If the buyer does not have a KPI before launching the campaign, everything from the tactics recommended in pre-sale, to the optimizations made while the campaign is live could be off. The best way to ensure that the advertiser’s budget is being spent effectively is to align with advertiser before your buyer presses go on the campaign.

In theory, most sellers in the digital space agree that a KPI is a super important part of the media planning and execution process, but identifying a KPI can be tricky. Your Basis team is here to help! Check out our KPI training along with other sales training topics here on the Basis Activation Center.