The Gift of Partnership

At Basis Technologies, we’re always adding to our rolodex of partnerships that empower our users to do more. Here are two examples that are especially relevant during the holiday shopping season:

Audience Insights Through TransUnion Audience Platform

What advertiser wouldn’t want to learn more about their web audience? With TransUnion Audience Platform (TAP), you can help your partners to achieve just that. TAP offers audience insights and segmentation through the use of comprehensive consumer data. With TAP, you can offer your advertisers a holistic view of their audience, as well as the ability to target people who “look like” their most valuable customers.

Learn More About TAP Here

Footfall Attribution through Precisely 

For brick-and-mortar retail advertisers, the ability to tie foot traffic back to advertising campaigns is a big deal. With a quick universal pixel set up in Basis DSP, powered by Precisely, you can learn how many customers were exposed to your advertiser’s campaign and then visited one of their locations. The pixel can also show the total number of general visitors to a location, which can help with campaign performance analysis. Stores will be busy this holiday season, and this is the perfect way to show how your campaign helped to pack them with customers.

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