TransUnion Audience Platform (TAP) is an audience insights and segmentation platform that enables the use of TransUnion’s people-based consumer data for marketing purposes. With TAP, marketers can create unique audiences that improve ROI and gain valuable data-driven insights that help inform digital marketing strategy. Now you can include it your Basis campaigns – reach out to your customer success manager or account lead.


Look-A-Like Modeling:

Find new consumers who are more likely to engage and convert online like your most valuable customers. Audiences are built from TransUnion’s people-based database, which covers 98% of the adult US population. Activate your TAP Look-A-Like audience effortlessly with a site pixel or CRM upload. 3,000 users are needed to create a pixel-based look-alike model.

Audience Profiling & Insights:

Better understand your target audience by using data to visualize who they are, what interests them, and what they buy. Inform your marketing decisioning with a deeper comprehension of the consumers included in your audience. Featuring 70+ data points across demographic, financial, automotive, employment, political, purchase, and interest categories. 3,000 users are needed to create an audience profile and insights. A sample report is available here: Transunion Audience Insights.

Future-Proof Audiences:

TAP supports a people-based audience pool that is built through offline sources and leverages LiveRamp IDs to activate audiences that are not dependent on third-party cookies