Digital Media Research

Did you know that in the last 5 years, time spent with digital media has increased 25% to roughly 2 hours? In fact, digital now accounts for almost 2/3 of the time Americans will spend with media in 2024!

You can find great information like this and much more in the fantastic 2024 Media Trends (January 2024).pptx deck that was recently released by our research department. It is jam packed with stats on usage, trends, and media professional predictions. Want the TLDR version? Below are some standout stats about the average adult:

Digital Media

  • 29 hours a week is spent online
  • 84% use a video streaming service
  • 66% use an audio streaming service
  • 66% purchased a product on their smartphone


  • More CTV will be consumed than traditional TV in the upcoming year
  • 234 million Americans are predicted to watch CTV in 2024
  • 87.4% of digital video viewers watch a CTV device
  • CTV ad spend will be triple the medium’s ad spend from just four years ago in 2020


  • 228.6 million Americans are expected to be digital audio listeners in 2024
  • 78% of media professionals believe that ad supported digital audio streaming will surge in popularity among consumers

Updated Resources

Now that we have armed you with some great stats that are sure to grab any advertiser’s attention, let’s put those to good use! We are excited to announce that we have new additions to the Basis Activation Center! Designed to help you bring digital advertising to market, check out the links and details below:

  1. Ask Basis
    • Basis experts are here to answer your questions about the ever-changing digital landscape. Questions can range from industry news to selling digital to media planning and execution. Submit your digital questions to be answered by our Basis Experts!
  2. Blog Posts
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  3. Product Activation Resources
    • Use these activation resources to help know when to include digital products in your conversation and tips for your Go To Market Strategy.

      • New: Digital Audio, Digital Out of Home (DOOH), Digital Video
      • Updated: Audience, Conversion Tracking
      • White-Label DSP Sales Sheets can also be found in the Product Activation Resources
  4. Sales Training Resources
    • Resources to train your team on every step of the sales process.

      • Crafting Better Needs Assessments, KPI, Navigating Objections, Reporting, and Selling Programmatic 101