Happy New Year!

We are so excited to kick off 2024! This year you can expect more great content from your Partner Solutions Account Leads. Each month you will receive 2 touchpoints from our team:

  1. Industry & Product – our team will pass along articles we have found helpful and interesting, and we will highlight new and upcoming features in Basis and BasisDSP.
  2. Digital Sales – our team will highlight different sales topics and how they can be applied to winning more digital business overall and across specific verticals.

So, without further ado, here is the Industry & Product highlight for January!

Creating Confidence in the Cookieless Future with Basis

Basis sees the demise of cookies as not an end, but an opportunity. We take pride in our active participation in groups like Project Rearc, the IAB’s working group on privacy changes and solutions, and that involvement helps inform our roadmap for future integrations.

We are continuously working to ensure that all our solutions allow our customers to continue to reach their target audiences in a privacy compliant manner, while also listening to consumers’ demand for increased privacy and control over their user data. We are focused on finding real, viable long-term solutions for our partners.

What sets Basis apart is our ability to help our partners adapt to industry shifts as they unfold. We are dedicated to remaining nimble and agnostic, maintaining a steadfast commitment to respecting privacy and adhering to browser and privacy regulations.

  • Click-Through Cookieless Conversion Tracking –

    Our unique solution revolutionizes click-through conversion tracking. By harnessing universal pixels that handle both standard conversion attribution and cookieless conversion attribution, we empower our partners by significantly expanding the scope of conversion tracking across all browsers and applications and tracking conversions in a privacy-compliant fashion. In 2024, we plan to add support for offline/closed-loop attribution (based on email addresses or postal addresses at time of conversion, both in-store and/or online), as well as LiveRamp’s ATS4M, which would enable passing of an email address to our conversion pixel. This preserves seamless conversion attribution for impressions which have a RampID available. Additionally, we are testing Attribution Reporting API, which is Google’s “identity-free” conversion attribution solution. We also continue to investigate capabilities like media mix modelling to enable inference-based measurement of results and are testing a methodology for non-ID frequency average frequency management.

  • Anonymized Data Sources Incorporation –

    Basis has prioritized its integration of LiveRamp’s RampID, as it is overwhelmingly the most prevalent ID found in the actual bid request today, while being best positioned to provide a scalable alternative by partnering with publishers and advertisers to build cookieless audiences. We also provide a LiveRamp integration where users can upload their first-party data directly into the platform (or via our API) and then can target the created audiences almost immediately.

  • Machine Learning Data –

    Basis leverages AI to employ privacy-approved data across 30 parameters to make informed decisions on impression bidding. This approach enhances media performance without relying on cookies or compromising user privacy.

  • Semantic Targeting Integration –

    To facilitate optimal segment selection, Basis offers a one-of-a-kind, privacy-compliant cookieless targeting solution that automatically recommends contextual categories based on a marketer’s best-performing audiences, using natural language processing to understand semantics and tone. We collaborate with semantic data providers including ComScore, DoubleVerify, Oracle, and Peer39.

  • Private Marketplace Library –

    Basis offers nearly 5,750+ evergreen private marketplaces (PMP) deals, each pre-negotiated directly with vendors and exchanges using their first-party data. This enables users to target deals inclusive of demographic, vertical-specific, interest data, and more. Later this month, we will be releasing our latest enhancement to the PMP library, PMP Deal Groups. These groups give you and your team:

    • Enhanced scale

    • Access to first party data not reliant on cookies

    • A simplified campaign setup and targeting strategy

  • Evolved Performance Tracking –

    Basis is actively guiding a transition towards more comprehensive and insightful media performance tracking using data from customer data platforms (CDP), site analytics, brand lift studies, and privacy sandbox attribution through a Chrome.

Check out more on this topic and how programmatic will play a large role in digital marketing in 2024 here.