As you hopefully know, earlier this year we launched Ask Basis, where we answer a wide range of questions regarding the digital landscape. Recently, a question that we are all too familiar with was asked (and love to get 😊)… “Are we able to do this through Basis?” With that in mind, we thought this would be a good time to highlight some of the capabilities of Basis and our vetted partners:

Custom CTV

Don’t see an off the shelf PMP that matches your campaign needs? Reach out to have a custom PMP created with custom targeting & setup to align with the campaign KPIs and performance goals of your campaign.

  • Partners: Tubi, DirecTV, Dish/Sling, MobileFuse, Roku, and more!

Enhanced Creative

Whether you’re looking for high impact creative, dynamic product creative, social mirroring ads, or other types of unique ad creation, we have a partner for you!

  • Partners: Kargo, Sharethrough, Adacado, Contobox, Spaceback, Dispatch, and more!

Footfall Attribution

Connect online ad campaigns to offline visits to brick-and-mortar locations for advertisers looking to increase foot traffic.

  • Partners: Cuebiq, Reveal Mobile, Azira, Foursquare, and more!

Mobile Location Retargeting

Create audiences through Factual that target someone that has visited a location (custom locations available).

Mobile App Targeting

Create custom audiences based on app ownership (categories such as real estate, home improvement, financing, etc.) with Start.IO or contextually target those apps with Peer39 to have your ads appear on the apps.

Custom Contextual

Use this cookieless solution to find audiences by creating custom keyword lists to target relevant content with Peer39 and Comscore.

Expanding Audiences

  • Related Audiences modeling analyzes 3rd-party audiences to identify ones that are similar to your 1st party audiences (uploaded and/or cookie based such as Retargeting). You can select from a list of similar audiences to extend the reach of your tactic.

  • Contextual Insights Reports show the best performing contextual segments for your campaigns. Identified contextual segments can help scale your performing audiences through the content that is most relevant and engaging to them.

  • Look-A-Like Audiences help you to find new consumers who are more likely to engage and convert online like your most valuable customers. Audiences are built from TransUnion’s people-based database, which covers 98% of the adult US population.

While this is far from everything we can do, hopefully it sparked some ideas for you! Please reach out if you want more information on any of the above partners and when these requests come up. We’re happy to help!!