I wanted to reiterate the value of our Contextual Insights reporting tool. We are the first DSP to automate recommendations for contextual segments based on past performance, and I want to make sure you’re taking advantage of this unique capability!

These reports help identify your top-performing contextual segments with any campaign, even if contextual targeting isn’t used. You can use this data to be more strategic with your contextual targeting to help boost performance, which is imperative to help prepare for a cookieless future.

5 Core Benefits of Contextual Insights:

  • Save time discovering new contextual segments without lengthy testing
  • Boost scale with under pacing campaigns by adding complementary contextual segments
  • Improve campaign performance by cherry-picking the best contextual targets
  • Re-energize your media plans and seek incremental spend with untapped contextual opportunities
  • Future-proof your campaigns against the loss of third-party cookies, which will be phased out in 2023

Peer39 is our first contextual partner available in the reporting, but the insights can be used directionally across our other contextual providers.

To learn more, visit our help center for additional details.