The best part about Halloween, in my opinion, is not the costumes or spooky decorations, the best part is the candy. As an adult, I have learned, nothing is better on Halloween night than your kids asleep and going through their treat bag . You can have Snickers, Reese’s, Twix, pretzels, or my favorite, Skittles. This week’s resources are just like a Halloween treat bag, a little of everything, without the bellyache! Enjoy!

AARP 2023 Senior Tech Trends

  • Older adults have embraced tech that makes their lives easier, using it for online shopping, banking, and entertainment, and for staying connected with family and friends.
  • On average, the 50-plus own six tech devices, with 98% owning at least one primary device.

Vertical Knowledge Brief (VKB) – Retail July 2023

  • Although inflation has begun to slow, consumers have shifted their buying habits. They often look for ways to save, particularly through taking advantage of promotional events and complimentary services like free shipping or returns. As consumers are choosing to wait for promotions and deals to purchase, brands will need to incorporate savings into their strategy.

Vertical Knowledge Brief (VKB) – Healthcare

  • Innovation in healthcare is rapidly evolving. The convenience of telehealth and remote patient monitoring allows doctors to be more involved with their patients at a lower cost.
  • To meet consumer needs, brands should promote ways to save on products or services, emphasize the quality of care they can provide, and utilize patient testimonials. ​