If you are anything like me, you have 3 or 4 podcasts you subscribe to each week and a variety of ways to listen. Whether I am shuttling my kids around town, working out, or making dinner I have my favorite podcast playing in my car, on my phone, or my smart speaker. I sometimes even catch myself adding to the conversation of my favorite podcast, Smartless, which usually results in laughs from my family as this has become normal behavior.

I am not the only one! According to a study from National Public Media and Edison Research, 55% of GenZ and millennials in the US have listened to a podcast within the last 30 days. If this alone wasn’t music (or in this case, dialogue?) to advertiser’s ears, 65% of podcast listeners don’t skip ads. On a larger level, eMarketer shows that 75% of internet users are listening to digital audio, which makes up 1 hour and 43 mins of their day. All this is to say that audio is mainstream. No longer should it be considered a “nice to have” on a media plan, but instead should be seen as a key part of a strategy that can do well to reach an advertiser’s audience.

Adding audio to your campaign is easy with Basis. You can select from inventory across a variety of sources including streaming music services, radio broadcasters, podcasts and more through both the open exchange, as well as Private Marketplace deals! As always, determining your advertiser’s audience and goals is the best way to plan for inventory sources that will be the best fit.

Want to learn more? Check out these resources below!

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