Centro’s POV on the Future of Targeting

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Targeting Options:

Non-cookie targeting options are already available today that are widely used, and in many cases have yielded better
results than third-party audience targeting for advertisers. These options include:

  • Contextual targeting: understanding that an audience can be linked to a given type of page content or type of
  • PMP deal based audiences: where publishers can use their first-party data (unaffected) to package audiences
  • Location-based targeting: a longstanding approach to marketing
  • Machine learning-based targeting: our machine learning does not require audience data and is therefore not
    impacted by the targeting challenges

Future Outlook:

  • Centro will implement further cookie-independent targeting and measurement capabilities, both partner solutions and
    internally developed.
  • Centro will implement the new developments from Chrome’s privacy sandbox as details emerge
  • The core capabilities will remain, as evidenced by Google’s approach to providing alternatives while deprecating cookies.
    The changes are keeping up with the balance of user privacy and the need for core advertising technology functions.
  • While the methods used by the technology change, the fundamentals of online advertising will not change.


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Centro Webinar (The Future of Targeting: Contextual, Semantic, and Cookies)

We’ll be hosting a webinar on September 30th about the future of targeting, featuring guest speaker, Mario Diaz (CEO, Peer39).

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