With this week being the first week of school for many of us in the Midwest, we thought it would be the perfect time to launch our new Sales Training Toolkit… and dust off one of my old back to school pictures!

The resources within the toolkit have been white labeled and provided in a PowerPoint, simplified design format (in case of printing), to allow for flexibility in integrating with your organization’s training programs, branding, seller needs, and specific skill sets of the team. Please feel free to modify examples used, role plays, etc. as needed to suit the needs of your team!

Below is a list of the topics that we have built for this initial launch:

Digital Jeopardy (a fun way to test your team’s knowledge and determine where additional training would be most helpful)

Audience Targeting

Conversion Tracking

Crafting a Better Needs Assessment


Navigating Objections


Also, these topics are just the start! We look forward to adding more, but before we do that, we want to hear your candid feedback. Please let us know what you like/dislike, what’s missing, etc. Most importantly, is this something that will help you?

Please reach out with any questions and suggestions on how to make this better.