By: Mike Smith

I have never been mistaken for as a great writer like William Faulkner – even with my penchant for sentences containing over a hundred words – so bear with me here. I am about to write about politics. Before you roll your eyes and brush me off as the equivalent to your middles school acquaintance who befriended you on Facebook only to dominate your feed with his political views – I am not going to get political – I am going to talk about how to win political advertising buys. Much better, right?

According to the folks at Mediapost quoting study by Borrell and Associates, digital ad-spend will account for 20% of all political spending to the tune of $1.8B. The other good news, unless you work at Facebook, is that growing distrust of that platform and other social media means that the majority of that money will be spent on “the rest of the web”.

How can you get your piece of that $1.8B? First and foremost lead with what you have that no one else has – your owned and operated property. If there is a vertical where media companies should be winning its political. The locally trusted, brand safe environments politicians are looking for. If you need more reach here are some great ways to get political in the DSP.

  • Audience Targeting: Simply type in “political” in the 3rd party search bar, and you can find everything from political party affiliation, swing voters, people who watch political conservative TV and more! There are even mobile segments too, so don’t worry about missing out on a cross-platform campaign.
  • Contextual Targeting: Reach readers of political content by targeting down to the page level on political articles. Create a custom contextual segment for a specific issue by creating a list of keywords related to the issue/cause.
  • Private Market-Place (PMP): Check out the PMPs from Fox News, Slate, and the Washington Post all politically themed.
  • Video: Do you see a politician with a TV ad? Help them get that ad on the rest of the web and overlay 3rd party targeting to reach a specific demo or group or target a particular district using simple geo targeting.
  • Hyperlocal Mobile: Target homogenous groups of people at local sporting events, rallies, concerts, office parks etc. wherever voters might be.

Programmatic Digital with Basis DSP is the perfect way to reach any political audience. Whether promoting a candidate, or rallying against a new 4-lane highway, if you are trying to influence or inform voters digital is a fantastic way to capture a larger share of your advertiser’s budget.