By Jaimie Hefelfinger

Shh… can you hear it? It’s the faint sound of jingle bells and Bing Crosby. That’s right! Holiday season is approaching quickly which means endless caroling and Love Actually marathons. The time of the year where families take a break from frantic schedules and spend time together. And the time when some parents/grandparents camp outside to get the latest hot toy (a Cabbage Patch doll in my case – thank you again Granny.).

According to Forbes, over $1 trillion dollars was spent during the holiday season in 2016 and is expected to increase for 2017. So how do we capture these dollars and make our advertisers look huge? Target families and here’s how with Basis DSP:

  • Audience – Basis DSP offers over a dozen data integrations to help you find the right audience. Some examples include: Parenting, Parents, and Families with Kids
  • Hyperlocal Mobile – 76% of Americans used a mobile device for holiday shopping in 2016. Target families where they are located through Hyperlocal Mobile. You can geofence day cares, elementary schools, neighborhoods with young families, etc.
  • Video – Online video habits are constantly growing, so let’s get their engaging video creative in front of the right eyeballs. You can layer on the audience data from above to a video campaign.
  • Mobile Location Retargeting – Rather than target someone where they are currently, target them based on where they have been. If someone is consistently going to a daycare, school, etc., chances are they are a parent. We can target them based on their location behaviors even after they leave the school or daycare.
  • Contextual – Reach shoppers by targeting specific types of content: Parenting, Kids and Family.