By: Amanda Wilson

Temperatures are rising, flowers are blooming, and I heard the sing-song tunes of an ice cream truck this past weekend! Do you kno­w what that means? School’s almost out for the summer, and a new crew of millennials are graduating and ready to join the workforce! Are your clients ready to hire them? As we get closer to graduation weekend, make sure your clients have a strong digital strategy in place for recruiting millennial employees.

As with many millennials habits, smartphone usage plays a big part in the job search process. A recent analysis from the Indeed Hiring Lab ( found that 78% of millennials use mobile devices to find jobs, and using mobile devices to research companies and positions is on the rise across all generations. Make sure your digital strategy includes all devices! found that millennials are much more likely than previous generations to research companies on social media before applying (, and that they are seeking an insider’s behind-the-scenes view on a company’s culture and values. Having a strong social media presence and a strategic paid social plan in place will help your brand meet millennials where they are, and highly visual tactics such as Programmatic Native or Video can help to complement a brand’s social presence via Basis DSP!

Reaching millennial job seekers in Basis DSP:

  • Audience Data: Using data collected on desktop and mobile devices we can reach people based on content they have consumed, locations they have been and apps they have on their device. In Basis DSP, we have access to hundreds of relevant data segments, including job seekers, users looking for career advice or entry level experience, millennials, and even segments from Nielsen based on how heavily a user is using certain job search sites such as,, and CareerBuilder Networks.
  • Contextual Data: Reach job seekers while they are actively reading content related to job searching or education!
  • Hyperlocal: Use the power of location to reach users based on where they are. Advertisers can target college campuses to reach users who are graduating and might be a good fit for a full-time job or internship.
  • PMPs: Private Marketplace deals from publishers and CareerBuilder are great choices to reach users who are reading job search and career-related content in a premium, brand-safe environment. Search for “Job”, “Career”, or sort by the “Careers” category in the Private Marketplace library within Basis DSP to see what we have to offer!
  • Video: If your advertiser has video assets, running in-stream or out-stream video is a great way to broadcast the benefits of working for you! Millennials especially want to see your office space, and what kind of interactions your employees have outside of work.
  • Programmatic Native: Showcase beautiful images in an ad unit that feels more native to the content the user is consuming.
  • Retargeting: This is a key tactic! Your advertiser must ensure they are top of mind with users who are visiting their “Careers” section of their site!