By: Mike Dean

Healthcare made up roughly 10% of the total advertising spend in 2017 and accounted for an estimated $10.85 billion of local advertising dollars. This equals a huge opportunity to grow our digital revenue! However, it doesn’t come without its challenges. With policies like HIPAA safeguarding patient data and medical information, it leaves the industry with fewer 3rd party data segments than we are used to seeing in likes of our data partners and DSPs.  The lack of this data can create issues with scale for digital campaigns, but don’t fret! We have some ideas on how to pitch and execute solutions and campaigns in this vertical.

  • Audience: Target audiences based on demographics or healthcare industry. Select conditions and general health topics are also available for interest and intent targeting.
  • Contextual: Display your ad alongside relevant content (i.e., Healthcare News, Specific Health Concerns, Alternative Medicine, etc.).
  • Retargeting: Target past website visitors. This can also be used to build audience profiles based on different sections advertiser’s website (especially key for different departments within a hospital for example) for customized retargeting.
  • Hyperlocal Mobile: Given some restrictions on data, Hyperlocal Mobile is a creative alternative to find a healthcare seeking audience using their location. GPS based targeting utilizing lat/long data running primarily across mobile in-app inventory. This can be used as a localized effort to target different locations, hospitals, medical facilities, retirement communities, and doctor’s offices
  • Mobile Location Retargeting: Target specific profiles based on locations a user has visited (i.e., clinics, hospitals, etc.).
  • App Ownership: Target users based on apps they’ve downloaded on their mobile devices (i.e., Medici, Digital Pharmacist, EverlyWell, WebMD, etc.)
  • Custom Opportunities: We’re able to build custom Contextual and/or Audience segments using specific keywords or user profile information.
  • Private Marketplaces:
    • WebMD: 1st party Data Deals – Allergy; Hospital Care; Women’s Health; Parenting; Cold, Flu Cough; Children’s Health
    • The Weather Company “WFX”: This deal includes Allergy, Cough & Cold, Flu and Pain prescription triggers. These prescription triggers target the optimal mix of weather conditions that occur when prescriptions of Allergy or Cough & Cold or Flu or Pain medications are incrementally higher.

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