By Will Bolles

Football season is finally back in full swing! If your favorite team has been fortunate enough to stay healthy, chances are you’ve enjoyed the parity within the NFL this year. Many of the league’s most recognizable faces have been sidelined with season-ending injuries, including arguably the greatest, most valuable, and easily the coolest football player of all time, Aaron Rodgers (get well soon, Aaron!). In what seems like a season in which many teams have a real chance to win the Super Bowl, the NFL has had some excitement through some new faces in what some consider a down year. With that being said, anyone who has sat down and watched an entire football game knows that the many stoppages in play can lead to a long Sunday afternoon. According to a 2010 Wall Street Journal study based on 4 separate NFL broadcasts, actual gameplay lasted an average of 10 minutes and 43 seconds. That leaves a lot of time for the casual viewer to pull out their phones, tablets, or laptops and surf the web during a 3+ hour broadcast. Below are some helpful ways you can reach the football watching audience in the Basis DSP while the ball is not in play:

  • Private Marketplace (PMP): Allows you to reach your audience across a specific premium site or groups of sites. PMP deals provide specialized targeting that is not available otherwise, and can be used on desktop, mobile, tablet or connected TV devices. NFL, Fantasy and College Football PMPs are all available within Basis DSP, so reach out to your planning team to determine what PMP might be a good fit for your advertiser.
  • Hyperlocal Mobile: Reach users at sports bars while they are on their mobile device. We know that wings and beer go along quite well with football, target viewers as they are cheering on their favorite team away from home.
  • Audience: Behavioral Targeting: Football Enthusiasts -Target specific audiences based on 3rd party data. Reach out to your rep and planning team for additional football audience segments that may be a good fit for your advertiser.