By: Alyssa Hamm

Fall is finally here and with cooler temperatures in store, we are all looking for entertainment options indoors – lucky for us there is plenty to do! Whether you are you are attending the theater and seeing Hamilton (I’m jealous), taking your kids to the local Children’s Museum, or seeing the latest blockbuster at the movie theater, a large majority of us will be spending our time and money with the entertainment industry. According to eMarketer, 82% of people with a HHI of $125K+ spend their leisure time at a movie theater, 62% will take in an exhibit at a museum, and 55% will attend a live theater performance. This is a large group of people and means lots of dollars for local theaters, museums and movie theaters.

Creative and campaign flighting can play an important role with this vertical. With shows, exhibits and promotions changing often, creative will change often as well. It’s important to talk to your advertisers on the importance of branding. Having one set of creative that is “always on” and generally promoting the advertiser is recommended. This is especially true when there will also be other pieces of creative that are show/exhibit specific and “on” only during specific times.  A theater may have messaging around single show tickets, but also have a general message showcasing the entire season and season tickets. Museums will promote new exhibits, but can also promote the museum’s free days and membership options. Movie theaters often have rotating promotions, but they could do some branding for the “extras” at the theater that sets them apart (Big seats! Full bar!). Having two sets of creative will help to ensure consistent advertising while also promoting their big events, shows, and exhibits!

As always it is important to discuss the campaign goal with the advertiser. Are they trying to drive awareness, get people to their website, or are they trying to get people to buy tickets/convert online. If they are interested in conversions, one of the first things you need to know is if they can place pixels on the final page of the ticket conversion. If that is a barrier for the advertiser (most likely due to third party ticket services), you may have to get creative about other places on their website you can help them track (“buy tickets” button, hours/locations page, or show times page). Conversion tracking can be really powerful as you can capture that “converted audience” and retarget/re-engage them with additional advertising later.

Building a cohesive campaign for these entertainment advertisers will involve discussions on creative, flighting, and campaign goals, but rest assured you can easily target this entertainment driven audience with Basis DSP:

  • Audience Targeting: Movie Theaters, Movie Goers, Movie Lovers, Theater Interest, Attends Live Theater, Live Theater/Performing Arts Enthusiasts, Broadway/Musical Theater, Museum Goers, Museums/Cultural Arts.
  • Mobile App Ownership: Entertainment Apps
  • Contextual Targeting: Arts & Entertainment, Movies
  • Mobile Location Retargeting: Reach users who have been to the movies, theater or museums, based on their past location. Moviegoers, Art Galleries, Museums, Show Venues, Ticket Sales, Luxury Lifestyle
  • Video: Sometimes video can show the museum or show better than a static image. Talk to the advertiser about their video assets and building that into the overall media plan.
  • Retargeting: Collect an audience of people who visit the advertiser’s website and/or converters. Retarget to these audiences using different and unique messaging. If someone has already converted they are likely to return for a different show or exhibit – deliver creative that speaks directly to them!

If you have an advertiser in this vertical who had a successful campaign, please share! Send the campaign details to Alyssa Hamm ( and we can build out a success story!