By: Christina Spinell

It’s finally summertime and you know what that means..time to roll down those windows and cruise to your favorite tunes. Or in my case, your Dad is going through a mid-life crisis and wants to finally buy that Sports Car he’s always talked about! Regardless of the season, auto buyers are always on the hunt, making it essential to have your strategy mapped out (no pun) for the year.

The Auto category is extremely dependent on personal preferences (i.e. safety features, cost, style, etc.), making it a complex market. According to a study commissioned by Autotrader and conducted by HIS Automotive, 88% of auto buyers use the internet to research before making a purchase decision. Digital advertising is crucial to reaching an auto dealer’s audience, and there are a variety of ways to reach a variety auto shoppers using Basis DSP:

  • Audience Targeting – Auto advertising is very catered to personal needs, so reach these users through a large variety of data segments. These segments range from general auto enthusiasts to much specific data segments such as brands, makes, and models. Polk data, available in Basis DSP, collects and analyzes data related to registration and title information, new vehicle transactions from all the major manufacturers, and even vehicle financing data.
  • Contextual Targeting – This tactic will reach users as they consume content related to automotive, both on sites endemic to auto, but on sites with auto content as well. Target general auto, auto repair, auto loans, and different types of cars (van, SUV, Truck, etc…)
  • Hyperlocal Mobile – According to the Autotrader study, 23% of buyers do research or shop while at a dealership. Geo-fence the advertiser’s dealership(s) as well as competitor locations to reach car buyers as they are researching in real-time.
  • Mobile Location Retargeting – Reach an audience who has been at a dealership or body shop recently, making your targeting more relevant based on the users’ recent location.
  • Video Targeting – eMarketer predicts that video will drive automotive digital ad spend this year, topping $12B. From Connected TV to native to in-stream video, there are many options for an auto dealer to reach their audience and strengthen their brand using online video advertising.
  • Retargeting – A typical auto intender is in market for approximately 90-120 days, so utilize the opportunity to stay top of mind.