Written By: Jamie Kowalkowski

We know the auto industry is not without struggle—Americans are not buying as many vehicles as they used to, and auto sales have fallen within the past two years. CNN declared that, SUVs are more popular and auto makers are pivoting their production strategy to accommodate the increased need. According to eMarketer automotive ad spend will only grow by 0.8%, compared to a 4% increase for total ad spend globally in 2019. According to an article in Ad Age, “A growing number of auto advertisers have recently opted out of big broadcast spends in favor of allocating budget to a greater number of smaller-scale digital campaigns.” This is where YOU come in. Now is the time to enrich local automotive clients with a plethora of digital products that can drive local dollars.

The automotive industry is in need of capturing their audience in a new way—ideally, they’re looking to start their customer journey online to then bring them into the dealerships for that final conversion. As stated in Adpearance, “Automotive dealers have a digital audience nearing 100%, now that over 95% of car sales start online.” Below, review a list of useful tactics and approaches to help drive car sales for your local auto dealers:

  • Contextual Targeting – Help find users who are actively consuming automotive content with contextual segments like automotive or luxury auto—or build a custom segment!
  • Audience Targeting – Find an audience who has behaviors related to an automotive search, such as: auto seekers, specific makes and models, auto loans and more.
  • CRM Onboarding – If your automotive advertiser has a large list of customers and subscribers -target them! Segment the data into different lists (recent buyers, or buyers who have purchased in the last 5 years) and advertise an enticing upgrade.
  • Site Retargeting – Re-engage users who have shown an interest in the advertiser. Chances are, if they have been to the dealer’s site, they are interested in a car, so use retargeting to keep the dealer top of mind.
  • Run of Network – This tactic is a great start to any campaign regardless of the campaign goal. It casts a wide net and then narrows in on what is performing best, through optimization.

As mentioned, TV is usually a large part of an automotive media plan. Pre-Roll video and Centro’s extensive OTT/CTV offering can give you plenty to talk about when it comes to building a video strategy:

  • Audience Targeting – Easily layer on third party audiences with pre-roll video and OTT inventory. Use a custom whitelist for OTT inventory apps, and layer on auto data—couple this with pre-roll to ensure enough scale, especially in smaller markets.
  • Private Marketplaces – Check out some of the great CTV PMP options by utilizing Basis DSP’s extensive library of PMPs. There are also options to target automotive seekers through premium publisher’s first-party data.
  • Run of Network – Driving brand awareness means gaining a lot impressions while working todecrease an effective CPM. This tactic provides the most efficient way of doing that, while still having quality inventory on your plan. You can even target the CTV device if your client is focused on in that space.

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