Andy Bryant – I think it is important that cold reach-outs speak to a pain point and offer a solution right off the bat. That is what I’ve found is what gets people’s attention. Prospective clients will not respond if they do not think you can help them, so that is where a little research and understanding the company and role of the person receiving the email goes a long way.

Mike Scarpace – A competitor’s creative can help spark ideas with potential clients. You can use Moat to show how competitors or leaders in the space are promoting their businesses. Highlighting aspects of your offering—or the industry as a whole—through linked article can help with your message and credibility (i.e. “Everyone is using Native in 2021, and here is the AdWeek article to back it up.”)

Jaimie Hefelfinger – Creative mockups can really punch up your cold reach-outs. Your email messaging could be “get your ad in front of potential customers.” If you do not have time or resources for a true “mocked up” ad, you can quickly make one with website screenshots. You can find their logo and throw a slogan on there as an example.

Alyssa Hamm – Highlighting a past success or a stat you find interesting can pique interest enough to get a meeting. Ensuring the success story or stat is relevant to their business will go a long way to becoming a “go to” digital consultant for the advertiser. Even if it doesn’t lead to business right away, your contacts will start to think of you as their personal digital expert.

John Hyland – Mention how you work with similar companies. “I have helped several customers with similar business models as yours drive new traffic to their web site and in turn, new feet in their stores.” Feel free to follow this up with a success story and a sign off like “I am interested in hearing about your specific challenges and how we can help!”