Carson Bodnarek – The one thing sellers can do for better campaign review meetings is to use the data to paint a picture and eliminate personal bias. As sellers, it can be easy for us to read into the data before meeting with a client and assume it isn’t going to “sound good,” a belief which then reflects in the manner in which we present the reporting. For sellers, I recommend looking through all of the data and then crafting a narrative of the main points you want the client to walk away with using the objective data points that help paint that picture. In many cases, clients are looking to digital sellers to help them understand their campaign reporting accurately, so by tying it into a story and using concrete numbers, sellers can ensure their clients are confident in their reps and become true digital partners.

Alyssa Hamm – Ditch the excel report or the dashboard login for a month and schedule an in-person meeting. Analyze the data prior to the meeting. Look for trends, ask your buyer about insights they had throughout the quarter, and lay out the data as a story. Focus on metrics that align with the overall goal, identify the trends, and pinpoint the ways you can capitalize on your success to find more success.

Justin Amundson – The most important thing for having a good campaign review is establishing specific, measurable, and attainable goals with the advertiser before the campaign launch. When you have established goals, you are more likely to reach them and it helps you to tell a story that is focused on what the advertiser wants and expects.