Check out how members of the Publisher Solutions Team and Our Partners are thinking ahead to 2021!


If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s to expect the unexpected. There are still a lot of unknowns for what the year ahead will bring, but I am going to drive success by focusing on what I can control. I am going to continue to utilize my resources to learn about this ever-changing industry so that I can be that education piece for my partners. I also plan to continue to focus on building relationships with clients. Centro’s mission to provide Raving Fan service means that a partnership goes beyond campaign execution, and instead, has a mutual goal of driving business success. This is even more essential as we navigate these unprecedented and unpredictable times.  – Jaimie Hefelfinger, Centro


The most important thing to do to have success in 2021 is to start talking about it. Get ahead of it. If you are not pitching annual plans starting in January, I think you should start. We now have six plus months of what life with COVID looks like. Messaging has changed, and business has drastically changed, but business owners also have had time to plan and find out how they can survive in the current climate. They are absolutely planning and looking ahead to 2021, and probably hoping that the second half of the year with a vaccine we can go back to “normal.” The second thing I am doing is having conversations about the upcoming removal of the Apple IDFA. There is uncertainty as to the impact, and the speed at which the impact will happen, but I am focusing on well-rounded media plans with an emphasis on real time hyperlocal targeting, retargeting, contextual targeting, and first party data PMPs. I would not want my budgets tied to mobile footfall attribution, mobile retargeting campaigns, or mobile campaigns leveraging 3rd party data. When the IDFA disappears, everything could go haywire. Nobody wants to spend Q2 putting out fires. – Mike Smith, Centro


It’s all about proper needs analysis and thinking outside the box. Using strategic tactics to reach your desired audiences based off personal behavior, then leveraging the data & providing a solution. I will ensure success in 2021 by keeping an eye on statistics, research, and trends to spot opportunities. An astronomical increase of usage of all devices (especially news publications) was one result of the pandemic. What a perfect marketing strategy to serve digital ads across all news platforms during a time of high-level engagement. Thanks to the tools & resources at hand, I was able to think outside the box (at a larger scale) and blanket most news publications with Fire Island Hotel digital promotions & brand awareness ads. Most importantly, I will make sure I can easily adapt and change my marketing strategies at the same rapid pace as technology. This will result in building a positive business culture and providing great service at a constant for success in 2021. – Christina Curran, Newsday


I think the only answer here is to hit the phones and hit the emails now. Brands, partners, advertisers, and agencies are already starting to look to 2021 (reviewing partners, budgets, initiatives, etc.) If you wait until Q4 to end to start pushing, you are going to be too late to start 2021 running. Get out there and have conversations! – Andy Bryant, Centro