• Alyssa Hamm: I want 2021 to be the year we break away from our reliance on the audience targeting tactic, and showcase other targeting methods that are as effective at reaching an audience, while potentially being more effective in reaching advertising goals. Not only can this work to showcase the breadth and efficiency of digital, but it starts to prepare advertisers for a world with potentially limited 3rd party data options.
  • Andy Bryant: I am thinking about a few things. First, changes in privacy laws and how it will impact advertising. I am also interested to see the growth of audio and CTV over the next year and how attribution will be solved for given the potential data limitations. Lastly, how can automation help our industry to become faster and more reliable as digital advertising expectations continue to grow?
  • Mike Scarpace: I am thinking about audio in 2021. I am interested to see the trajectory of inventory and options over the next year. I am curious to see if there are limitations for audio at the local level and what solutions we can help bring to the table.
  • Jaimie Hefelfinger: My thoughts really center around the pandemic – of course our transition from a quarantined mindset to a more social one as a society, but also how that shift will affect advertising. In quarantine, digital was a highly utilized form of media consumption and advertising dollars followed. Will those advertisers who adopted digitally heavy strategies stick with it? Did they see value in the additional investment into digital? How has their business become more digital to adjust to distancing?
  • Mike Dean: I am thinking about what post-pandemic life will be like for advertising, and the variety of different verticals out there. I am interested to see how different verticals prepare for an uncertain “reopening” of US culture. I think a nimble advertising approach will be so important as we look to 2021, and digital is the perfect format for quick changes and updates to plans.
  • John Hyland: I am thinking about all the SMBs who have made it this far into the pandemic and wondering how many will not make it to summer. I am very interested in the fallout of lost business and how it will affect our culture and local industries moving forward. I am also interested in what the shift back to in-person selling looks like. When will business as usual resume, and how will sellers continue to be innovative in their sales efforts as we weather the end of the storm?
  • Jeff White: In 2021 I think we need to continue to think bigger, and maybe more importantly, think outside of the box. I want to help bring new opportunities to local and allow them to think beyond the minimum digital buy. It is one thing to say, “we can help you with branding and awareness” and another thing to analyze how their marketing strategy fits into their business objectives. Reaching their potential customers utilizing bigger ideas and opportunities will ultimately affect their bottom line.