• Be mindful that people are getting a lot of emails right now. In order to not get overlooked, give them something of value (ideas, education, etc.). Try to call more often to break up all of the computer time. – Jaimie Hefelfinger, Centro


  • We are doubling down on the belief that we should support our local business community during this time, which will strengthen those partnerships when things begin to normalize. We’re taking our monthly Lunch and Learn to a webinar format and focusing on ways that businesses can market through the crisis. We’ll cover messaging, creative ways to connect with customers virtually, the best tactics to invest in now, and resources to help them find funding and information. It’s one of a few ways we’re offering information and guidance during this unprecedented time. – Amber Aldrich, Seattle Times


  • I am supporting local advertisers by purchasing gift cards to businesses that have had to close due to the pandemic and will use them when we have made it out the other side. – Mike Scarpace, Centro


  • As we adapt to the new normal, it’s imperative to radiate what is good. Be the good and do right by your business partners and your community by providing support in whatever capacity is feasible. Adjust and get creative with your messaging so your audience knows you care about them, their safety and their health, instead of only your bottom line. – Lori Lutz, Smart1 Media (Check out what else she has to say in Forbes)


  • I was sitting at my desk thinking of what I would like to talk about to help get my mind off of the pandemic, and wine was the natural option. Turns out – much of my professional network likes wine too! Who knew?!?! 😊 Well, what else does my professional network like to talk about? Digital media. So I combined the two into my wine and ad-tech chats with my wine expert buddy Matt. It’s my way of giving some information in an interesting and digestible way that feels like a mini-escape. – Mike Smith, Centro (Check out his latest post here!)

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