With Summer now in full swing, let’s talk about a topic that hasn’t shown signs of cooling off anytime soon. How can advertisers effectively advertise to consumers and be privacy-friendly?

While 86% of consumers say they have a growing concern about data privacy, 90% of consumers say they enjoy receiving personalized offers, and 56% expect all offers to be personalized. The good news is that through our Location-Based Contextual Advertising partnership with Peer39, we can connect marketers to locations that have a high concentration of people that fit in various customer segments. The best part is that these offerings use cookieless data. Through this partnership, you can build privacy-friendly campaigns that reach targeted audiences on any digital device and channel.

Peer39’s location-based contextual targeting data determines high probability of audience characteristics based on geography and, when appropriate, other factors such as time of day or weather. Highlights below:

  • Weather: Based on approximately real-time conditions at a user’s location for Barometric Pressure, Conditions (i.e., rain), Feels like temperature, Flu Activity, Temperature Celsius/Fahrenheit.
  • Goldfish Ads: Categories of cohorts such as Demographics, Behaviors, Purchase Intent, Interests, and others using vast amounts of real-world data. All without using PII.
  • Polk Automotive: Access to industry-proven data to reach the right automotive customers and prospects at the ZIP code level, in a privacy-safe way.
  • Experian Demographic: Reach your audience through privacy-first demographic data.
  • Experian Purchase Affinity: Get in front of people ready to convert. Offers targeting and activation based on a propensity to purchase a product or services.
  • Burbio: Provides advertisers with the ability to reach their target consumers for school-related items at the exact right time

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to your Account Lead if you have any questions on these segments or other ways to get ahead of the long talked about cookie apocalypse.