We are staring down the end of 2023, but the year is not over yet and there are still budgets to be found. Below are some “quick hit” ideas to secure some last-minute revenue.

Need Something Splashy?

“That Time of Year” Targeting – Fall is busy! From sports to holidays (Happy Prime Days to all those who celebrate), there are so many unique ways your advertisers can reach their audience.

  • Sports Enthusiasts: College Football & Basketball, NFL, MLB Playoffs, NBA, NHL
    • DOOH – Universities, Sports Bars
    • CTV – Sports Content and Enthusiasts
    • Contextual and Audience – TV Sports Spectators, sports enthusiasts, and reach audiences with content relating to sports coverage, fantasy sports, sports top stories, US sports, etc.
    • Hyperlocal – Stadiums/Arenas, Downtowns on Game Day, Bar Districts, Campus
    • Audio – Sports Podcasts
  • Holiday Shoppers/Moms/Families
    • DOOH – Shopping Malls/Downtown Areas
    • CTV – Shopper PMPs
    • Contextual and Audience – Black Friday/Cyber Monday Shoppers, Affluent Holiday Shoppers (mobile & desktop), In-Market Holiday Décor Shoppers and reach shoppers by targeting specific types of holiday content, i.e.: holiday online shoppers, Predictive: Gift Giving, Shopping; Shopping Apps (mobile); Holidays and Celebrations
    • Hyperlocal – Shopping Malls

Co-Op/Remaining 2023 Budget – Ask about budgets and co-op dollars that have gone unspent in 2023. For many it is a “if you don’t use it, you lose it you lose it” situation. Position yourself as a multi-channel partner who will work with the advertiser to determine where the unused budget can best be spent. What are the goals for this budget? Are there specific formats they would like to try?