Our Partner Solutions team will be hosting a Virtual Strategy Summit on 8/22 and will be covering entertainment!  During the summit we will host a panel so you can hear from partners like you on what it takes to win in the entertainment space and cover industry trends that could mean big revenue opportunities in your market! This will be a great opportunity for sales and leadership to join as we to discuss research, strategy & media in the entertainment vertical.

As a sneak peek to some of the trends across the entertainment category:

  • Overall spending has increased 14% over the previous six months as consumers still have pent-up demand for out-of-home activities, thus allowing brands to profit.
  • Top spenders are spending significantly more on digital media than traditional. Brands that continue to diversify their digital efforts and invest in channels consumers are spending more time with like OTT, online video or social will be effective in remaining top-of-mind.
  • In the U.S., there are an estimated 31.9 million live sports fans. 34.5 million adults have gambled in the past year, and over 55 million have attended either live performances or zoos, aquariums, museums or convention centers in the past year.

We hope you’ll join us and sign up today!