Native Advertising

By: Alyssa Hamm

As we finish out the year, we’re seeing major rebounds in the digital advertising space, with video and native are leading the way.

According to eMarketer, native is slated to grow 4.8% in 2020, while other digital formats are predicted to remain flat. While social makes up the largest spend and volume for native ads, programmatic is seeing increased spend and volume. There is good reason for this shift: Compared to traditional display, native headlines yield 308X more consumer attention, and native ads register an 18% higher lift in purchase intent (Nielsen & Sharethough; IPG Media Labs & Sharethrough).

Native allows your advertiser’s brand to fit into – and not disrupt – the audience experience. Campaigns blend seamlessly with content the user is already engaged with, allowing them to become more informed about the advertiser’s brand before ever even visiting the website ( Banner blindness is a concern from some advertisers, but because native is delivered so differently, it can work to grab the attention of consumers who have grown accustomed to ignoring the areas of webpages where display ads tend to be delivered. Marketers and agencies are seeing success on behalf of their brands. 71% say native is effective at building brand awareness, and 52% say it’s effective at generating sales (Advertiser Perceptions 2018). This shows success from both a branding and direct conversion perspective, making it a great option for any campaign goal.

Centro and Basis DSP make it easy to add native into your media plan. Like other display and video units, targeting with audience and contextual data can be used to help achieve relevance while still being able to see scale across your plan. Desktop, mobile, and tablet can all be used to execute a native campaign, and you can utilize display or video assets. Within the DSP, you can utilize private marketplace deals or the general exchange to access a variety of native partners such as Nativo, TripleLift, and Sharethrough. You can produce valuable, engaging content directly within Basis to energize your advertiser’s brand by using attention-grabbing headlines and images. ​Your advertiser will provide a headline, body text, logo, brand name, image and URL, and the ads are delivered, using those pieces, based on the look and feel of the page.

The time is right for native advertising—so, what are you waiting for?