We reached out to our partners to hear what they think sets them apart from other sellers in the local space. Here’s what they had to say!


Question: “What is the best way to set yourself apart as a local seller?”


A: Chris Culbert (Virginia Media)

  • “As a local seller in the now commodity world of digital advertising, leverage what you know as a LOCAL seller. You know about the festival that will draw 25,000 people going on next weekend that they should target… those out of market don’t. You know about a traffic pattern change that could adversely impact their store traffic and how they can get the word out…those out of market don’t. You have been working with your clients for several years and know what they like/dislike and what’s worked/hasn’t worked through the good relationship you have built with them… those out of market don’t. In your day-to-day life, you have a feel for what their competitors are doing… others don’t. Understand the products you sell so that you don’t merely sell your client a product, but use that product to sell your clients solutions that help their business. Remind your clients of all of these things, and move from them saying “this is my ______ rep” to them saying “this is my marketing partner at _____.” 


A: Lacey Sughru and Jill Millaway (Griffin Communications)

  1. “It’s all about the client and relationships. Doing what’s best for the client and only presenting them with things that will better their business (not every. single. thing).
  2. Delivery report meetings each month. Unlike our competition, we meet with the client monthly and go over each report. We discuss the high points and ways we could possibly make it better for the next month. I feel like our competition doesn’t always completely understand what they’ve sold so they’re hesitant to go over each report.
  3. We are properly trained multiple times on our products. We know our products—extensive training is important to be a good seller. As well as the support we get on the back end helps to always get questions answered.
  4. We have implemented a $2K per month minimum to ensure results.”

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