By: Alyssa Hamm

Becoming a digital expert is really an elusive goal. Being in an industry that is constantly changing means that as sellers we are constantly learning. As someone who wishes they were back school almost every day, this is exciting. It means I get to research, ask questions, and read about changes to the industry and how it will impact our business. Not everyone is excited by this, and that is ok! We have compiled a list of resources that range from in-depth analysis of the industry to easy reading as a way to help keep you on the path to “expert status.”

Learn with Centro!

Media Company Focused Information

Resource Library: Our resource library is a great place to start. Whether you are looking for client facing information on digital tactics, digital sales tips, digital media best practices, digital research or our point of view on the latest changes in the digital space you can find clear, easy to read answers provided from your favorite Centro team!

Audience Extension Webinars: Each month we highlight a different topic to dive into. The goal is to help sellers pitch digital by breaking the digital space and the DSP into bite-sized pieces. Each webinar comes with a deck and a one sheeter!


Industry Focused Information

Centro Resources – These resources will focus on the digital industry. Information presented can be applied to large national brands, agency holding companies and media companies alike.

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Remember you do not have to know every answer. Use your resources (your Centro team and internal teams included!!) when you need additional information and resources. We are all here to make sure you shine in front of your advertisers!