By: George Leff

This month we are exploring the world of Universal Pixels.

With Universal Pixels, we can assign multiple rules to a single pixel. These targeting rules can be used to add and remove users from an audience and track conversions.


  1. Efficiency: Save time by creating and using fewer pixels – one Universal Pixel contains up to 50 targeting rules!
  2. Error Reduction: When dealing with multiple pixels, human error is a costly truth. Universal Pixels help media buyers set up the right targeting rules on the right webpages with ease.
  3. Flexibility: Pixel rules can be updated without creating new pixel codes, allowing buyers to readily pivot for any campaign changes

One thing to note, universal pixels don’t have a retroactive behavior, rules need to be set in advance so users can be added to audience pools or conversions to be tracked.

To learn more about creating, building, and updating Universal Pixels, please go to our help center and to learn more about selling conversion campaigns check our our webinar on conversion pixels.