The election is less than 90 days away!

Did you know that Basis DSP has additional tools for political advertisers that need special approval?

Centro can help! As your CSM, I can help approve, enable, or show you how to access the following, for political campaigns:

  • Special political data partners like TargetSmart, L2, and i360
  • Geopolitical targeting
  • Recommended domain lists (both allow lists and blocklists)
  • Political PMPs based on political CTV content, or 1st/3rd party voter data
  • DAA disclosure compliance – This is similar to the AdChoices icon, but will be specific to political campaigns, providing additional information around who is paying for the ad. The political ad icon will be automatically placed in the corner of the creative, expanding to show ‘Political Ad’ on rollover. When clicked, the icon will take users to a disclosure page displaying the information provided. Because of this, there are now two new brand vertical classifications within the DSP, highlighted below.
    • Sensitive Categories – Political (Elections) – Any brand with this classification will be required to input disclosure information before saving. Reach out to Centro for the disclosure sheet.
    • Sensitive Categories – Political Issues (Non-Elections)


If you have any questions or any special requests, please let us know.