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Facebook Boycott: Centro Solutions through Basis DSP:

If your client is looking for alternative channels to Facebook, here are some suggestions:

  1. Spaceback – easily convert your organic social content into programmatic display ads. More info found HERE
  2. Native – It is very easy to repurpose existing social assets to run via native. For an example, please see the attachment from one of our native partners, Triplelift.
  3. Social Data – To continue reaching a Facebook audience on other digital inventory, you can leverage social app data via PushSpring to target users who have the Facebook app installed on their phone. We also have custom LAL audiences available via Alliant, based on social interactions with accounts, hashtags, or phrases


CTR Machine Learning Optimizer:

We launched CTR as a new KPI type under Machine Learning Optimization this month. Leverage our proprietary machine learning technology to optimize towards your CTR goal!

For full instructions, please visit our help center:


Exchange Spotlight – EMX Digital and Mediavine:

We are now integrated with two new exchanges: EMX Digital and Mediavine. EMX is an omnichannel exchange with access to all major formats. Mediavine exclusively represents the ads for over 7100+ Lifestyle blogs and is a comScore Top 20 property overall: top 4 in Lifestyle. Be sure to include these exchanges for added scale and inventory!