Running a cannabis advertising campaign may sound daunting, but we are here to give you some media planning tips that will be sure to impress your cannabis advertisers.

Data Opportunities – Including data on campaigns is a benefit afforded to digital campaigns, but with cannabis campaigns it is important to avoid excessive targeting. You will want to include some targeting, such as:

  • Age targeting. There is likely a need to add an age target to the tactics within your campaign. The age selected should reflect the product being advertised and the local laws of the geography you are targeting.
  • Peer39 Targeting. The data provider Peer39 and Centro have partnered to bring first-to-market interest targeting to the cannabis industry. Interest targeting uses a list of pre-selected keywords to categorize page content. The cannabis keyword list to qualify “interest” includes CBD, THC, edibles, medicinal weed, recreational marijuana, the names of many popular strains and more.

Premium Inventories – Finding publishers who willingly accept ads from the cannabis vertical can be tricky. Through Basis DSP you can access premium, cannabis-friendly inventory at scale. Whether you are setting up a general campaign or tapping into one of our private marketplace deals, you are sure to find a variety of publishers willing to take on your cannabis campaigns. Through our integration with CannaVu’s ad exchange, you can access the largest ad marketplace for curated, compliant advertising opportunities for cannabis and CBD markete

Creative Guidelines – A campaign just isn’t a campaign without the creative. Cannabis advertising can be tricky because there are no “hard and fast rules” for guaranteed approval. We do have some pointers to think about when submitting your creative:

  • Ad Content – ads should not depict young people, ads for edibles or concentrates are not allowed, and the call to action should read “learn more” instead of “order now.”
  • Create Multiple Ad Copies – Create different creative concepts to help with your chances of approval. The ads should be very different with clear images and language. This will help reach approval faster, but if both messages are approved, then you can A/B test for creative performance.
  • Be Ready to Make Changes – Your ads may not get approved, so if that happens, check out the explanation and be ready to make changes to ensure a full approval and a successful launch.

As this vertical continues to change and grow, our goal at Centro is to be the subject matter experts you need to keep you informed. Centro maintains teams who are dedicated to supporting our cannabis clients as they become industry front runners. We will continue to vet exchange partners and PMPs while also working with data companies who offer cannabis targeting. We are excited to see how this space grows and how it can impact your media company.

For more information on cannabis advertising, check out our media plan & selling guide, our tactic information, or reach out to your Centro team at