Hope you are having a great holiday season!

As we put the finishing touches on 2023, we want to invite you to our final Basis Webinar of the year! The incredible Noor Naseer (Basis’ VP of Media Innovations & Technology) will share insights on what lies ahead in our digital landscape so marketers can tune out the noise and instead focus their attention on the most important, proven trends that will shape the year to come.

The webinar takes place this Wednesday, 12/13 at 1 PM ET, and you can sign up here. Noor will be covering the below:

  • Cleaning Up Inventory – Reexamining the supply chain to better identify opportunities for improving and optimizing your programmatic advertising campaigns.
  • Seeking Attention – Evaluating a new evolution in media metrics that focus on the quality of attention advertisers are garnering from their audiences.
  • Election Investment – What all advertisers—both political and non-political—should be watching as we enter the fourth major “digital” election cycle in the US.
  • Riding Hype Cycles – How marketers can better decipher between trends that actually demand immediate consideration vs. those you can casually observe.

You can also find more information on our 2024 Vertical Trends Resource page!

We hope to see you there!