With summer now upon us, travel clients are expected to HEAT UP with summer vacations, road trips, adventures and more! More than 90% of Americans are planning to travel this year, with nearly one in three intending to travel abroad!

But while travel is expected to continue to rise to pre-pandemic levels, your advertisers may be facing some very real challenges in the wake of COVID-19. Check out our recent Basis blog which covers the 6 main challenges facing today’s travel industry.

  1. Price is Top-of-Mind
  2. Consumer Habits Are Shifting
  3. There’s A Heightened Demand For Personalization
  4. Marketing Teams Need To Connect With Travelers At Every Step Of Their Journey
  5. Brands Must Keep Up With New Technologies To Stay Relevant
  6. Sustainability Is Of Increasing Importance To Travelers

Programmatic opportunities allow your advertisers to efficiently reach their target audiences and maintain streamlined budgets to maximize ROI! Try these, and many more, targeting methods when approaching the travel industry:

  • Audience – Target audiences like: Frequent travelers, business travelers, domestic travelers, travel intenders, holiday travelers, family travelers.
  • Contextual – Target those reading about travel destinations, traveling with kids, or other general travel content online.
  • Brand Safety – Enable brand safety to effectively remove negative content relating to plane crashes, negative travel news, etc.
  • Retargeting – Re-engage users who have already shown an interest in the advertiser via their website.
  • First Party Data – Leveraging customer lists and activating the data in LiveRamp can be a great way to target past customers to get them back to make a repeat purchase.

As always please reach out with any ways we can help your teams tackle travel revenue opportunities and be sure to check out our Basis Vertical Deck on pitching and targeting travel verticals!